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Phoenix proudly provides consulting services to multiple insurance companies and their insureds. We are well-versed in third-party liability insurance coverage for oil tank remediation claims and provide consulting services to fully investigate the site, report the investigative findings, oversee the remediation process, collect post-remedial soil samples, and prepare a report recommending closure at the State level.


Phoenix can operate strictly as an oversight consultant or a full-service environmental general contractor. As an oversight consultant, Phoenix serves as a liaison between contractors, the regulatory program, insurance companies, and the homeowners. As a general contractor, we bring in our team of highly skilled professional subcontractors and industry specialists and oversee every phase of the environmental remediation process. Our satisfied repeat clients include some of the largest insurance companies:  CSAA Insurance Group, NJM Insurance Group, Preferred Mutual Insurance Company, and USAA Property & Casualty.

Professional Experience

We have years of experience with oil tank remediation claims and the various aspects of third-party liability, policy endorsements and exclusions, and forensic evaluation. Phoenix works directly with a metallurgist, Peter Elliott of Corrosion and Materials Consultancy, Inc., who conducts metallurgic tank evaluations and a laboratory, Worldwide Geosciences, Inc., who evaluates petroleum degradation in a soil sample for age-dating purposes.  We can assist with your forensic evaluation needs!   

Meticulous Planning

Phoenix strives to thoroughly investigate each site, derive a comprehensive scope of work to prepare, remediate and restore the property to like-kind condition, and present an all-inclusive cost estimate which allows the insurance adjuster to set an accurate project reserve. Providing no unforeseen deviations occur during the proposed cleanup, the reserve amount will not be exceeded.     

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